What is pet insurance?

Pet Insurance is a healthcare policy very similar to our own health insurance which helps cover unexpected and costly medical expenses.

Some pet insurance plans provide coverage for routine wellness expenses such as spay/neutering, vaccinations and health screening.

How does pet insurance work?

  1. Step 1 - Policy Protection Compare and choose a policy
  2. Step 2 - Veterinarian Visit any licensed veterinarian
  3. Step 3 - Invoice and Payment Pay your bill, submit your claim
  4. Step 4 - Happy Pet Get reimbursed on covered expenses!


Which veterinarians accept pet insurance?

Because there are no "networks" with pet insurance, and claims are paid on a reimbursement model, you are typically free to use any licensed veterinarian of your choice!

What does pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance covers the accidents and illnesses our pets face. Typically from the initial exam, to tests and treatments and sometimes wellness expenses if elected.

Some example covered items include:

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by any pet insurance company in the United States. If insurance was not purchased until after an incident occured, the insurance companies would not be in business.

What is not covered?

Exclusions will vary by company and even policy. While some common exclusions do exist you should read your policy's stated exclusions prior to purchasing.

Some common exclusions (but not always) are:

  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Grooming
  • Elective/Experiemental Procedures
  • Boarding
  • Preventive (Unless Purchased)

How much does pet insurance cost?

Premiums for your pet will vary depending on factors such as species, age, location and level of coverage chosen. Some factors may reduce your costs such as insuring multiple pets, being spayed/neutered or having a microchip.

What's next?

Compare and find the best pet insurance company and policy for your budget. There are many wonderful companies out there for your pet

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